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Hi buddys, we will be holding some of the greatest contest here. Stay tuned. :)

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I am big at changing templates of my blogs every now and them, and that made me dress my blogs with a lot of themes. That is where I decided I will share with you a list of Cool and Beautiful Blogger templates, some very fresh, some an year old or so, but evergreen ones. Enjoy the list!
The Zengard theme is a Wordpress theme which is converted by Cahaya Biru for Blogger. The color scheme for the template is cool and there is the automatic 'read more' hack with thumbnail of an image.

Lemon Twist
Jackbook's superb creation. This theme was originally created by for Wordpress. later made this beautiful Lemon Twist template available for Blogger users.

Natural Health
Another conversion from Wordpress to Blogger by Cahaya Biru. He says that it is ideal for health blogs, but I do think that it can be ideal for any niche after the changing the header image.

Blogger Notes
Themelib's superb vintage blogger template, as he calls it. It is actually called Blogger Notes blogger template

Windows Vista Professional Dark
Themelib's another superb conversion to blogger.

Bizmax is an Adsense ready magazine template to boost your adsense revenue. Superb theme where there are lots of widgets. This theme was converted by Cahaya Biru to Blogger from the Jinsona Design's Wordpress original.

Eden's Garden
Eden's garden template is a template for nature admirers and is created by Btemplates.

A simple but decent looking magazine style template from Btemplates.

This is a blogger template available for blogger blogs from Bloggertricks. Its a beautiful 3 column techie theme.

WP-Polaroid was my favorite last year and this year too. This was one of the first(if I am not wrong!) magazine style template conversions from Wordpress. David at eblogtemplates gets all the credits for this.

A decent and stylish two column blogger template from B-templates.

Grunge Superstar
Its a single column template converted to Blogger by Btemplates.

I googled a lot for the original creator of this girlie template and found out that this template was originally created by The template is distributed by Btemplates.

The Langit theme for Wordpress was originally created by Eches. Later it was converted to Blogger by David at

Maggo Magazine
This theme was originally created by WPThemeDesigner and converted to Blogger by Themelib.

How was this list? Please tell me via a comment. Plus you can share more such blogger templates via commenting with us. Anyways, keep coming for more like this and please watch out for when the next dynamite will blow.

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Shocker-Geocities gonna vanish soon

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What am I reading? Yahoo Geocities is gonna dissapear from the seen soon. It is true that they are closing on 26th day of October, 2009! First I felt that it was a rumour, but after getting this news from a trusted site, I was shocked. Actually, I had some javascripts hosted at Geocities which I think I gotta move them now. I am thinking of moving them to a faster That is my view. What is yours? What are you going to do now with your files? Are you sad that Geocities is getting closed? Express your feelings via a comment.
TechDynamite pays its tribute to Geocities and we at TechDynamite salute it for its developmental work for the web. Thanks Yahoo!

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Some days ago, I mentioned on my Junkamania blog that Google is gonna attack Microsoft and Apple with their free Operating system, and its there now. The new Google OS is called as The Chrome OS, which is, taking that Google is internet Giant, a web friendly OS. It is gonna be light weight and free and for the time being will only be available on Netbooks by the second half of 2010. They are in talks with companies to launch the OS to a wider audience. Take a sneak peak of the OS at Official Google Blog: Introducing the Google Chrome OS
This was a small dynamite. A bigger dynamite is going to be planted later. Keep checking for it.

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Best of ZooZoo

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During the IPLT20, Vodafone Communications showed a hit series of advertisements related to Zoozoo, which like every common Indian, I felt they were animated cartoons, until Vodafone revealed that they were actually human beings dressed in body suits. These cute little white creatures rocked the Indian TV for over a month and it was Zoozoo and not Cricket that kept many Indian glued to their sofas in front of their TV sets.
Here I have brought for you some Zoozoo papers, I am not showing the original ones, neither am I watermarking these images as mine(there are many of them who have done this). So, enjoy these images.

Those who still don't know about Zoozoo, or have never heard about them before, what do you think these are? Animated cartoons or something else? Answer via a omment.
Another dynamite is planted and can explode anytime. Be sure to remain updated with TechDynamite, and will let you know when its gonna explode. Keep coming!

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Free Cell phone web browsers

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A multimedia cellphone has internet features and there are their inbuilt browsers. But they are simply boring ones and we need change. Humans need change!! So here are some free web browsers for a change.

Opera Mini

What can I say about this mobile browser! This is the mini version of the Opera web browser for computers. When it was first launched in 2004, it was the first ever web browser on the mobile to show the websites as exactly as they are(I mean to say as they appear on a computer Opera web browser). Now, Opera Mini has almost 20 million users all around the globe. A quote from their website.

The world’s most popular mobile Web browser with over 20 million users

Full Web: Opera Mini enables you to take your full Web experience to your phone. Fast:Free: Opera Mini is free to download. It is the definitive mobile web browser.

what is good about this web browser is that the user can enjoy Youtube videos on most phones and on some phones, the webpages can be saved for offline uses.

The software is just superb and if you still don't know about it(then you must be living in some cave for long!) even when you have a phone, then go to their website and download it, cuz its free! The word 'free' sounds cool.


This web browser is known for its download manger on its post 6.0 versions. That makes large downloads easy and at our convenience. The UCweb web browser can open both wap and web sites and it has many customisations to change the look and feel. Its said to be the number one in the Chinese web browser market. It has also taken root elsewhere too. The browsing experience is also cool. So, its worth a download as it is free.

Which one will you download and install on your phone? Please answer via a comment. Looking forward for it.

Another dynamite is planted. Will let you know when it explodes(This basically means that I will let you know when I post a new post) This is going to be the official language of TechDynamite. Make sure you get used to it. Bye!

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